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Nude is Always My Mood


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2015: If You’re Not Moving Forward, You’re Inching Backward

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2015 is in full swing and I already have some new favorite beauty products. I am always on the hunt for more products to add to my beauty repertoire. I am constantly to trying improve myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Growth is essential to squeezing the juice out of life.

Don’t be complacent in your beauty routine, let it evolve with this new year that is upon us. In the same fashion, it’s always great to set personal goals and continuously set them throughout the year. For example, I have a “late problem.” Somehow, I am late ALLLLL the time, so I am trying to work on that… I have been working on this goal for years, so I don’t really know when this goal will be accomplished haha. My time management skills have been lackluster in the past, but I am attempting to get them in order. 🙂 Regardless, it is better to arrive late than ugly, so when push comes to shove… I will be late if necessary. No sense being on time at the expense of looking like something the cat dragged in.

I think we get stuck in our ways and although we may not be totally satisfied with certain attributes or character flaws, our complacency is passively condoning the behavior. So instead of a “New Years Resolution,” I propose we all set deliberate goals that become an ongoing theme in our lives.

And now, some goodies for the face:

I am wearing all of these products in the photo above 🙂


“Cruella” Velvet Matte Lip Pencil by Nars


Love, love, LOVE this product. It really does feel like velvet on the lips. It is a great red for a variety of skin tones and that’s what I’m all about. God made us in so many different wonderful colors, I love when makeup is versatile. This color reminds of “The Devil Wears Prada.” Literally, I feel like a “Girl Boss” when I wear this. This color makes you look like you are ready to run the world, but do it effortless in stilettos and flawless makeup. That’s every girl’s dream right?

“Deep Profound” Wonder Stick by NYX


So, my friends all know I am VERY passionate about contouring and I truly feel its a “must.” You want a smaller nose? BOOM! Contour that baby and you’ll have cute button nose in seconds. Your face is a bit rounder than you would like? Contour the edges of your face and say goodbye to that baby fat. Want high cheekbones? The list is literally endless. Anyone and EVERYONE can and will look better with proper contouring. Some of my friends love the concept of contouring, but are little gun-shy when it comes to putting it into practice. This product does all the work for you. Literally, the above diagram is on the box and it tells you where to put the concealer. Moreover, it is double sided giving you both highlighting AND contouring in a single concealer stick. It comes in three different natural looking shades for a beautiful and subtle everyday contouring look. The one I use is called “Deep Profound.”

 NAKED Skin by Urban Decay

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 4.54.00 PM

This product is great for a variety of reasons: its extremely lightweight, buildable, etc. However, what makes this product the “Holy Grail” in my book is the color matching! On their website or in stores (Ulta, Sephora,etc), they have actual pictures that correspond to the foundation colors. They have warm tones and cool tones, making it effortless to match your skin tone. We all know the stress of trying  new foundation. In high school, I tried some foundation and it was the wrong color, but looked okay in the store (I know we’ve all been there!). When I used it at home, my dad said my face looked like chalk (My dad, Mr. Encouraging over hereeee)…so yeah, we don’t want that! Let’s keep the chalk on the chalkboard, people. 🙂

 Voluminous Million Lashes by L’oreal

L_Oreal_Paris-Oogmake_up-Volume_Million_Lashes Last but not least…Pretty straightforward and a bargain buy! Long, full lashes at a drugstore price.

Start 2015 in a glamorous fashion. Work on YOU, inside and out!

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Today’s Look

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Winter Chic 🙂 Don’t let the colder weather cramp your style. A chill in the air is not an excuse to de-feminize your look. Find accessories that are weather appropriate, but still keep you warm. Granted, I live in Southern California and not Chicago or Minneapolis… but it’s all relative 🙂 I got this cute, girly, beanie at Saks Fifth Avenue a few years back. It is cashmere, so it’s luxe, but still cozy. To me, that’s how you stay glamorous in winter. Fur and cashmere both accomplish that luxurious look, but are still functional. Throw on a pair of oversized pearls and you will be the cutest snow bunny on the block! Love, love, LOVE pearls. You can catch me wearing those timeless gems 85% of time. I love things that never go out of style: fur, cashmere, and pearls are at the top of my list of addictions.

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Chocolate Mousse Nails

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These colors are giving me life! Definitely fueling my love of nude and neutral colors.

“Over the Knee” by Essie



“San Tan-tonio” by OPI



These colors are effortlessly chic and compliment a variety of skin tones. I love beautiful things and my nails are no exception. A firm handshake from a man can send the same message as the well taken care of hands of a woman. I prefer the classic look when it comes to my nails. I like natural nails and I’ve never used “gel.” Nothing wrong with gel, but neatly cut, natural nails with a great color are all I need. Plus, I have long nail beds so people always assume I have gel anyway. 🙂

Below, is what “Over the Knee” by Essie looks like on my nails. I really don’t know how to do hand poses and I’ve always had super shaky hands haha… so please, excuse my amateur hand pose.

Send Me to Hand Modeling School

Send Me to Hand Modeling School

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

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It’s officially Christmas Season! Counting down the days until we celebrate the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ. With all the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season, don’t forget the true origin of this special holiday.

Now that people are done punching each other in the face to get a discounted TV during the post-Thanksgiving sales, we can get back to reality. Might I add, if you would cause physical harm to another human being, just to get a TV… you have an unhealthy relationship with material things. It’s embarrassing that on Thanksgiving, Americans say, “Oh I am so thankful…I love everyone…#Blessed” and a whole slew of other Kumbaya centered rhetoric. Then, the very next day, trample on each other for a discounted toaster at Target! Embarassing…Just no… Please do better, people.

So, around this time of year, don’t be afraid to give yourself some liberty when it comes to your personal style. I love to try festive nail polishes. Nothing puts me in the Christmas spirit like a sparkly set of nails. I also love to experiment with shades of deep burgundy.

Below are two colors I love paired with my new favorite base coat.

“I Sing in Color” Gwen Stefani Collection for OPI

I Sing in Color OPI


“In True Stefani Fashion” Gwen Stefani Collection for OPI



“Stickey Anchoring Base Coat” by CND



Additionally, don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your lips. I usually love to stay in my safe place of natural pinks and nudes, but sometimes it’s fun to add a little color into mix! I have so many colorful lipsticks that I am sometimes afraid to wear. If you’re like me, just force yourself to use those bright colors and you will be glad you did. 🙂

“Melted Berry” Melted Liquified Longwear Lipstick by Too Faced


Today’s Look

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“Indianwood” Pro Longwear Paint Pot by MAC (All over eye)

“Sienna” by Smashbox (Crease)

“Guilt by Association” Mineralize Eye Shadow by MAC (Outer Crease)

“Blacktrack” Fluidline Eyeliner by MAC (Eyeliner)

“Bad Gal Lash” by Benefit (Base Coat of Mascara)

“They’re Real” by Benefit (Top Coat of Mascara)


“Deep Dark Brunette” Veluxe Brow Liner by MAC

“Bold Brunette” Pro Longwear Brow Set Gel by MAC


“Sweet as Cocoa” by MAC


“Half Red” Lip Pencil by MAC

SPICY: Pumpkin Spice Latte Alternative & Cinnamon Inspired Lips

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Right in line with my love for neutrals, I have a newfound love: Nude Truffle lip pencil by NYX. Highly recommend this color for a subtle, muted, Autumn look. It reminds me of cinnamon. Spicy lips: perfect for the earth-tones that universally remind us of fall. Pumpkin Spice Tea in hand, cute boots, and you embody fall glam! I bet you thought I was going to say, “UGGS and Pumpkin Spice Latte.” Nope, not here. I love UGGS. They ARE suitable for inside your house and walking the dog. The end. No other time. They are slippers. As for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, they are essentially milkshakes and not suitable for a morning pick me up. Now, if you want to have it as a dessert, that makes more sense. I hate to be the bearer of bad news (I’m lying… the sugar content shouldn’t be overlooked). However, I do have an alternative tea that might cure your pumpkin fix! I sampled this at whole foods and I about fainted from yumminess. 🙂

Pumpkin Spice: Wake Up The Day Tea by Republic of Tea



Poise: The Power of Neutrals

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There is something unmistakably classic about neutral tones. Never to be confused with boring, neutrals are always a great investment. Due to their versatility and uncomplicated elegance, you can’t go wrong! 🙂 Sadly, many people think the only way to make a statement is with loud, outlandish colors. Now, you may indeed make a statement, but that statement may be, “I just escaped from an institution, please… someone,  send me back.” Is that really the statement you want to make?

I like to take it back to basics. I absolutely adore neutral tones. Makeup, nail polish, purses, shoes… You name it, I love it in neutral. It creates such a sleek look. Additionally, due to its simplicity, it highlights YOU, rather than overpowering. I do not, nor will I ever understand things like bright blue eye shadow. I am a true lover of the arts and I do believe makeup/fashion are art forms. However, everyday is not fashion week and you are not being styled by Roberto Cavalli…. so people, please be strategic with your accent pieces.

Four Choice Neutrals

Chinchilly by Essie:



Sand Tropez by Essie: 


Naked Basics 2 Palette by Urban Decay


BGBGeneration Clutch: 


These are just few of my favorite neutral items. If you’re like me always seem to be running behind, neutral tones are your best friend. They negate some of stress associated with matching. That is not to say you should go around willy nilly wearing a trucker hat (still perplexed people pay money for those horrid creations) with an evening gown and say, “What? My nails are neutral. It matches!” Neutrals do not diminish the responsibility of dressing well, but they may help you be on time. 🙂

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